Property Management Services


Aggressive Rent Collection- Our firm policies on rent collection results in having the funds to pay bills for the property on time. If a tenant does not pay on time eviction proceedings begin immediately.

Vacancy Turnover- We waste no time in painting, cleaning, and repairing any vacant unit making it "rent-ready". Phoenix knows each day the vacancy remains un-rented is income lost. We can minimize the loss a vacancy can create by turning it over and leasing the unit as fast as possible to the best-qualified applicant.

Advertising- We use the most effective advertising at reasonable rates for local and national exposure. Our forms of advertising, print and internet, have allowed out-of-state applicants to find our listings before they move.

Applicant Screening- Considered one of the most important duties in property management, Phoenix has multiple resources to quickly review, in and out-of-state, an applicant's rental and financial history, employment verification, and even criminal records, including Trans Union, Experian, Equifax.

Building Maintenance- We make regular inspections of all properties. Running toilets, leaky faucets, unauthorized tenants, and other deferred maintenance can cost an owner hundreds or thousands of dollars in extra expenses. Scheduled inspections and timely repairs save an owner money by solving problems when they are small rather than waiting until they are costly and frustrating.

Rent Control and Code Enforcement- Phoenix has experience with Rental Stabilization Ordinance properties and the new Los Angeles Code Enforcement project. We can get your property passed without the fines.

Eviction Services- Phoenix will serve the 3-day notice, appear in court, obtain a judgment, supervise lockout, and initiate the debt collection.

Accounting and Reports- Each month the owner will receive detailed, computerized accounting of all income and expense. Rent rolls, operating statements, balance sheets, and check registers are submitted for your review. Your accountant will enjoy our format. 

Capital Improvements- Phoenix can arrange and supervise all necessary or desired capital or cosmetic improvements. We obtain bids, hire the contractor, obtain the permit, supervise the project, and keep costs to a minimum. Such projects would include re-roofing, re-piping, construction, and painting.

Accounts Payable- We can pay all invoices, fees, and taxes for the property. On time, every time.