Our Cash Flow Strategy  

Phoenix Professional Corporation knows it is not enough for a management company to simply collect the rent and pay the bills. It must add value to the property through increased income, reduced expenses, and a higher quality tenant pool.

Our leasing experience will command the highest income possible while special relationships with vendors and suppliers allow us to deliver savings to the property owner.


Market Rent Surveys and the Periodic Rent Raise- We conduct market rent surveys to ensure the highest monthly rate is obtained for the property's next rental. Also, all current tenants will receive periodic rate increases keeping your rent roll in tune. These methods are required for maximum value.


Vendor and Supplier Discounts- Through our special relationships with vendors and suppliers we are able to provide maintenance services and materials at the lowest cost to the property owner. Reduced expenses means more cash flow. "A penny saved is a penny earned".


Cosmetic Improvements and Maintenance- In order to command the highest rent the property must be well maintained, not only mechanically but also in physical appearance. Low cost methods of painting, cleaning and refurbishing are used to enhance the property's character and present the residence in the best light. This practice not only allows the owner to gain the most income but results in a building he or she is proud to own.


Thorough Applicant Screening and Avoiding Evictions- Nothing can cost an owner more than the presence of an undesirable, non-paying tenant. Most problem tenancies can be avoided if the applicant is thoroughly checked for prior rental, financial, or other troubles. If a bad tenant is never let in to the property we will never have to evict them.


Phoenix Professional Corporation can generate more income for your property

while keeping it clean, painted, and well maintained...

Adding real value to your Real Estate!